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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

 Volume VII

Open for Submissions: April 20th - June 1st

Submission guidelines:

Poetry submissions: 5 poem limit no line length restrictions

Fiction and Non-Fiction:  1 story of 5000 words on less

Art: limit 6 Jpeg images

Graphic Storytelling (Comics):  One storyline of no more than 20 Jpeg Images.

Book Reviews: New Publications only within the last 6-12 months, 1000 word limit (Newer reviews will be given priority)

Your review should provide Overview/Contextualization, Review positive and Negative aspects of the publication and make some sort of Value Judgment. Use 4Ties book reviews as your guide.


  • Please include a short (100 words or less) biography with your submission.
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine. Please notify us immediately if your submission is published elsewhere.
  • Please submit via Submittable


Additional Information:

Four Ties Lit Review does not have sponsors or advertisers (yet), we will be unable to pay contributors.

When Four Ties Lit Review chooses a piece for publication we secure temporary Electronic Rights. Understand that these are considered worldwide rights as the internet is international. All rights revert back to the writer after publication.

However, we hope you will join with FTLR in its mission to improve the reputation of Electronic Publication. We ask each author, poet, and artist to commit to disclosing the publication history of each of their works regardless of venue when it is submitted and or published. If you cannot commit to this ideal we ask that you remove your work from consideration for publication at FTLR. It is only through full disclosure that some of the suspicion and worry regarding Epublishing can be assuaged. Only through working to improve our image can E-Publishing gain the respect for itself and the authors who choose to publish there.

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